Monday, December 22, 2003

Freindship is feelings or behavior expressed towards other people ,by helping and loving each other . I would like to review Aristotle thoughts and theory of friendship. He stated that human friendship is necessary in order to "live well" .In his thoery (Philia) he divided friendship into three types : friendship based on utility , pleasure friendships , and friendships of good people. I completely agree with him, (and I think that's true, and I'll be explaining why. )
First, “frindships based on utility” (Aristotel 384-322A.B) ,I think that a friendship which is based on utility is incomplete ,and it will be ruled by the motives which created this friendship , that's why it will never last. And as an exemple of this type when a person think of his friend “what can I get from this person and how much it takes?” .

second , “ friendships based on pleasure ” (Aristotle 384-322 A.B). I think that it is weak because it is controlled by human passions or interests,and once these materialistic interestsor pleasures are over , this type of friendship terminated , such as a person think that his friend is enjoyable .

finally , the friendship of good people . In my opinion , I see that this is the most wonderful , and the best friendship that any person dreams of. It is because in this kind of friendship , they wish each other all the best , and try any thing just to please each other , which makes it a complete , and an endless friend ship that lasts for ever and ever. Like two riens wish each other good
In conclusion , a lot of poeople try to explore what is the true meaning of friendships , which I belive that Aristotle clarified it in his theory . There is one more thing hat i would like to mentiom about friendships which is : friends are like stars .... you don't always see them , but you know that they are always there......

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